Needtheater goes to London for the inaugural Timewave Festival

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Last month, Needtheater collaborated with the global artists network LoNyLa for the first ever Timewave Festival, a five-day event in London celebrating the fusion of theatre and technology. We partnered with playwright David Simpatico and director Katherine Hayes to create Carpe Diesal, a four-part play featuring both live performers and Skyped-in performances from Los Angeles to…

Greetings and Happy New Year from Needtheater!

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It was an exciting 2012 for us, as we began moving Needtheater to the edge of theatrical and narrative storytelling. To continue our push to find new ways of telling new stories, we’re asking you for a tax-deductible donation.  When you give before midnight on December 31, you will lighten your tax burden for 2012 while lightening our fundraising burden for 2013.  It’s a WIN-WIN situation! DONATE…

G.O.Ne is coming!

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“G.O.Ne,” our adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s “Good Old Neon” opens in eight days! And it closes the next day, which means you only have a couple of chances to see this powerful piece of theater. Check out our sweet promotional video here And if you want to buy some tickets, head here

Our Next Big Show!

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Way back in 2011, Needtheater produced a one-man show entitled Glint for the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Based on David Foster Wallace’s short story “Good Old Neon,” which was first published in the collection Oblivion, the play was adapted and performed by Ian to much acclaim. LAist described his performance as “…truly outstanding…he is precise, provocative,…

TAPE has been extended through September!

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Needtheater and The Smith & Martin Company’s production of Stephen Belber’s TAPE has been extended through September. Set and staged in a real motel room, TAPE runs Tuesday and Wednesday nights, @ 8 and 10pm at the Los Feliz Motel, 3101 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039. It’s directed by Ian and stars needtheater…

Welcome to needtheater’s brand new Website!

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